I can’t explain my love for bikinis. All I know is the love affair started early and has been nurtured by environment ever since—childhood in Northern California, college in Santa Barbara, young adulthood in the South of France, adulthood in the Caribbean. Adoration later morphed into vocation when I modernized the knit bikini and launched Elizabeth Kosich New York in 2009. Twelve years, 8 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
 features and countless drop-dead gorgeous customers later, my love for teeny-tiny, barely-there, sparkly, sexy knit bikinis still fills me up with endless amounts of joy.

This declaration is to assure you bikinis are here to stay. But since reinvention is at my core—reinventing the knit bikini, reinventing career at midlife, reinventing life during COVID—it’s time to evolve. I’m so excited to bring more to my customer—more designs, more glamour, more attitude—and expand her travel wardrobe beyond bikinis, tickle her wanderlust and inspire her own reinvention. Think the ultimate packing list, a suitcase brimming with endlessly chic looks you’ll remember forever and others won’t soon forget.

Onwards, I say. Thanks for coming with, I’m saving you a seat right here in the sun. #FounderFriday