BELLA Magazine features "BELLA Boss" Elizabeth Kosich in its Reinvention Issue:

MY BUSINESS: The EveryBody Wrap® is a simple dressing system that flatters every body shape, size and age. The design works miracles to accentuate a woman's best shape while the technical fabrics lift, mold and hold to boost her confidence. Its endless versatility transforms any look or attitude on a whim, empowering women to reinvent and do more with less. It's truly a fashion game changer.

MY REINVENTION JOURNEY: I started designing teeny-tiny knit bikinis over 10 years ago but despite eight Sports Illustrated Swimsuit features and other successes, something was missing. I saw how real women cringed at the word "bikini", becoming crippled by inhibitions and pressure to be swimsuit-model "perfect". I wanted to change this and saw a void in the market for flattering, supportive clothing that empowers, which crystalized my purpose—to help women love and embrace themselves exactly as they are. Enter The EveryBody Wrap®.

WISE ADVICE: Second act careers come with an experience gap that education can help close. I earned a second degree in Image Consulting at age 50 to establish myself as an expert in body shape, fit and proportion. It has given me authority on shape diversity and better informs all design decisions for The EveryBody Wrap®. Street cred matters, so get the necessary credentials to legitimize your career pivot and accelerate your way to the top of your field.

CHALLENGE—ACCEPTED: The EveryBody Wrap® is a lofty promise that I take seriously. I knew the material and design had to be everything, so spent four years sourcing fabric and made over 100 prototypes nailing the design. It was a grueling process but necessary to ensure the brand promise. Staying close to my higher purpose to serve women got me through the darker moments. Women need this!

SECRET TO MY SUCCESS: The fabric is The EveryBody Wrap®'s superpower. It contours and sculpts without binding and has intelligent stretch and recovery to hold shape all day long — and beyond. It provides emotional support like nothing I've ever seen before, transforming women into their most beautiful, confident, and happy selves. It's a beautiful thing to watch. 

Link to published article in BELLA Magazine here.